Our Leather

We use different types of leather throughout our products. Where possible all leather is sourced locally, that being said, I have a very high demand for my USA sourced leather and this leather is of LMITED quantities due to the outrageous shipping expenses that we incur. If a listing states limited edition, you better believe it!

Variations in pricing on the same product will be a reflection of the leather cost and its scarcity. Our most expensive being Shell cordovan, you can check out why here.

All leather can include natural markings such as scarring, blemishes, insect bites, branding and stretch marks. But these markings are considered the signature of fine leather goods.

A common misconception is that these types of markings are “defects.” Instead, think of these as proof of natural origin. These markings incorporate the life of the animal. The absence of natural markings often means that the leather is of lesser quality.

I do not consider natural markings a defect and embrace the unique nature of every animal hide I work with. There is a good chance your Bonnie and Hide product will have some form of natural marking on it.

Read this blog post about the various grades of leather and what leather is best for you.

Our thread

I only use Maine Thread, Ritza Tiger and Vinymo MBT thread. I have tried and tested many over the years and I keep coming back to these three for their particular purpose.

Thread colour options can be changed by ordering a custom via the contact page. Standard custom order times apply.