“Hey I’m Kaysi.

I’m the sole creator behind Bonnie & Hide, everything that you see is


with love by yours truly.”




“I’ve always had a deep desire to make things that mean something to someone.

Many moons ago, I intercepted some tools headed for the bin from my late uncle. He and my father used to do leather work for their biker mates back in the 70’s.

Growing up around horses, I have always loved leather, it’s a medium that is so immersive to the senses.

The feel, the smell, the way it ages and takes on its own life after death.

I knew these tools would turn into a love story…

Years later, after moving around the country working in Mining and Engineering, I was feeling disjointed and unfulfilled. I had lost my passion. I spent a year travelling and taking everything back to basics, but I still couldn’t settle my spirit.

Going through old boxes one day, I came across the tools. It was kind of a “hey, why not give it a go” moment. I started out to make a wallet for a friend. The minute I picked up those tools, my mind was at ease.

As the saying goes, busy hands make for a quiet mind, and this rings true to my core.

And so without really knowing it, Bonnie and Hide was born. The brand name is a play on words of the famous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde. And like all famous love stories, one simply doesn’t exist without the other.

My pieces are inspired by the rockers and rollers, the iconic styles of the past with a hint of the Wild West and a touch of bohemian.

My mission is to make a difference.

I believe that we as humans need to go back to our roots, to work with our hands and to pass on something more than a polluted planet.

My vision is to show my daughters that they can create something from nothing, in a world of throw-away fashion.

That’s the ethos behind Bonnie and Hide, creating handmade bespoke items that will stand the test of time and can be passed on through generations.

When you buy from my bespoke collection, you are not just buying a practical leather item, you’re investing in a sidekick, so hold on for the journey.”


Our History