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From the WorKbench

Hand Painted with Angelus Leather Paints

  Hand painting custom designs is a long process, and one I find very therapeutic. You will often find me in my workshop with a bluesy tune playing, while I meticulously paint using a wisp of a paintbrush. I can see why artists get absorbed into their paintings over months and years. I often get […]


How to Measure Your Belt

It may sound simple but trust me, when I was starting out I made plenty of custom belts that took hours of work only to get a message to say the belt didn’t fit! Ive read plenty of instructions and guides and I still believe that the only true way to measure your belt is […]


Wet Wallet Fix

My wallet went through the wash! i fell in the pool with my wallet! What should I do? Don’t stress too much. Although leather doesn’t love water, it’s likely your wallet may not be ruined just yet. Take the wallet out and lay it in a warm spot outside, avoiding direct sunlight. Direct sunlight isn’t […]


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