Wet Wallet Fix

My wallet went through the wash! i fell in the pool with my wallet! What should I do?

Don’t stress too much. Although leather doesn’t love water, it’s likely your wallet may not be ruined just yet.

Take the wallet out and lay it in a warm spot outside, avoiding direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight isn’t bad for it, it will just give the leather a nice patina, but if you don’t want the wallet ageing, pop it in a shady spot.

Don’t mess around with the leather too much and definitely don’t pull or stretch it unnecessarily. Wet leather will stretch and warp very easy.

Let the wallet dry completely. It’s going to be a lot more ridged and stiff due to the water logging it copped and it’s loss of natural oils.

Grab yourself a tin of our leather balm here and give that wallet a good old dollop of balmy love. Rub it in to the entire wallet, inside and out.

Let the wallet rest for a couple of hours to soak the oils back in. If the wallet still feels dry and rigid then you can apply a second coat.

The method above won’t always save a drowned wallet, but it’s the best chance you will have of brining that sucker back to life.

And next time, try to stay away from the pool and check your bloody pockets before washing!



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